What’s a Virtual Visual Field?

Eye diagnostics have changed over the years, thanks to everything from emerging research to new technology. A virtual visual field can be used for patients with special needs. For instance, those who have medical conditions that make them unsuitable for standard exams. We’ll look at what a virtual visual field is in Riverdale, NJ, and how it’s used to both determine and monitor diseases.

What Is a Virtual Visual Field?

The term refers to the visual capabilities of a patient in the virtual world. In the real world, the visual field is used to determine what a person can see if they don’t swivel their eyes back and forth. In the virtual world, an optometrist has a little more leeway. Using head-mounted displays, the staff can essentially replace a patient’s regular field of sight with a virtual environment.

How Virtual Visual Fields Are Used

How the virtual visual field is used will depend on the condition the patient has. In general, though, the optometrist will both prep the equipment and the patient for the procedure. The expectations for the patient are minimal, though, and merely require people to be sitting in front of the device. The head-mounted displays are easy to wear and won’t need to be on for very long.

The patient will be told what they need to do to help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis. There are different testing protocols for your visual fields, but these tests often start with identifying a central point and then responding to a variety of other stimuli in their visual field. From there, the doctor will map out the field, analyze the data, and interpret the results.

Finding an Eye Doctor in Riverdale

The right optometrist in Riverdale, NJ will invest in advanced diagnostic equipment. Not because they want to impress their patients with gadgets, but because they’ve seen just how much these devices can help patients maintain their eyesight over the years. At Riverdale Vision Care, you’ll meet a staff that has gone the extra mile for their patients and purchased the tools they need to provide more accurate treatments. Contact us today to learn more about how a virtual vision field could work for you.

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