Makeup and Eye Health: Safety Tips for Eye Makeup Use

From eyeshadow and eyeliner to mascara and faux lashes, the beauty industry serves up a plethora of ways to help you feel beautiful. If you are all about eye makeup and love to dabble and experiment with different looks, you can try a lot of different products in a single year. While eye makeup is generally safe to use, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind so you don’t inadvertently put your visual health at risk.

1. Opt for quality products.

Good makeup can be more expensive, but it is always better for your eyes to opt for quality makeup that is made with the best ingredients. Lower-quality products are commonly made using the most generic ingredients, such as coloring pigments and fragrance chemicals.

2. Watch out for sensitivities to certain products.

Any time you are trying a new eye makeup product, consider the experience a trial run. Apply the makeup as usual and watch out for any signs that you are sensitive to something in the product. A few signs that you may be sensitive to a makeup ingredient include:

  • Excessive tearing
  • Redness or itching around your eyes
  • Feeling like you have something in your eyes

If you do experience an issue with a new product, thoroughly wash your eyes and stop using the product. Disregarding sensitivities could lead to a host of eye health issues, such as dry eyes, eyelid inflammation, and more.

3. Take off your eye makeup before going to sleep.

Perhaps the golden rule of eye makeup use for your eye health is to always wash off your makeup. When you sleep, the makeup can break down due to more moisture, rubbing your eyes, and elevated body temperature. As the makeup breaks down, the small particles can get into your eyes. Even if you are just taking a nap mid-day, it is best to remove any eye makeup you may have on beforehand.

Keep Your Visual Health in Check with an Eye Doctor in Riverdale, NJ

We get it—makeup can be a big deal. It boosts your self-confidence and allows you to achieve certain looks. If you have eye health concerns due to makeup, reach out to us at Riverdale Vision Care to schedule an appointment.

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