Helping an Anxious Child Though Their Visual Health Checkup

Even though visiting the eye doctor is usually less intimidating to a child than visiting a dentist or even a general physician, some kids can still have a bit of anxiety about their visit. At Riverdale Vision Care, we strive to make sure every patient who visits us is as comfortable as possible, especially children. If you have an anxious child with some fears about visiting us, we’ve pulled together a few good tips that may help.

Consider scheduling your own appointment first.

Sometimes, kids can be scared of something simply because it is unfamiliar. If your child has apprehensions about visiting the eye doctor, schedule an appointment for yourself and bring them along. During the visit, the child will be introduced to the environment and see there is really nothing to fear.

Read books about visiting the eye doctor to your child.

Books are such a valuable way to expose children to new concepts and experiences in an imaginary way. Pick up a few children’s e-books about getting your eyes checked or check out some books at your local library. Sometimes, a little reading and introduction through imagery can go a long way to soothe the child’s apprehensions about their own visit.

Make the visit to the eye doctor an enjoyable experience.

Try to set aside a little extra time on the day of the visit to the eye doctor. Make plans for the day to be about doing something extra special after the appointment. For example, you could make it known that after the appointment, you will be getting ice cream, spending some time at the park, or even just swinging by a store to grab a special surprise. If your child has something to focus their attention on that they know will happen after their visit, this may help the appointment go more smoothly.

Find Professional Pediatric Eye Care in Riverdale, NJ

Helping your child see to the best they can is an important part of their overall development. If you have an anxious child who has fears of the eye doctor, be sure to reach out to the office and discuss your concerns. At the Riverdale Vision Center, we take great care of our pediatric patients by working to make them comfortable throughout their visit. If you would like to schedule an appointment or discuss your child’s vision care needs, reach out to us today.

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