Conditions That Can Affect Your Eyes

Your eyes are incredibly important organs in your body, but if you’re like a lot of people, you may take them for granted without realizing it. After all, they seem to know exactly what to do without much guidance from you at all. However, if something goes awry with your eyes, you’ll quickly realize how much you rely on them.

With that said, let’s take a look at some conditions that can affect your eyes, as well as some symptoms you may wish to talk to your doctor about if you can relate:


We all spend hours upon hours in front of our computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Often, we forget to give our eyes a rest after asking them to stare at our screens throughout the day. Eyestrain occurs when the eyes get tired and need a rest. Just like any other part of your body, when your eyes are overworked, they can become tired and weary, which may cause blurry vision and headaches.

Try to give your eyes a five- or ten-minute break from your computer screen at least once an hour (more often, if possible) so they can relax and refresh.

Pink Eye

It’s not uncommon for people to associate pink eye with childhood diseases, but you can actually pick this unpleasant situation up throughout your lifetime. Pink eye is another word for conjunctivitis, which basically means bacteria or a virus found its way where it doesn’t belong. It can cause your eyes to become red, swollen, and itchy and often feels like there’s a gritty, sand-like texture beneath your eyelids.

See your optometrist so he or she can determine which type of pink eye you may have and prescribe treatments to aid your condition.


Cataracts create a cloudy cover over the lens of the eye that can make it difficult to see the world clearly. They often eye with cataract form gradually over time, so many patients who don’t receive regular eye exams may not notice the decrease in vision.

See your eye doctor at least once a year, and be sure to opt into cataracts testing so your optometrist can identify potential problems early on.

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