Adjusting to Your First Pair of Glasses? 5 Tips  

Adjusting to your first pair of glasses can be tough! If you’ve never worn glasses before, then you may go through a period of adjustment that lasts about two or three days. For some people, this period of adjustment is easy, but for others, glasses can be distracting. At Riverdale Vision Care, we can help you get through this period of adjustment by providing you with tips and information, and by helping you choose the right glasses.

1. Keep Your Glasses Clean

Over time, you’ll get used to seeing specks of dirt on your glasses lenses, but in the beginning dirt on the lenses might bother you. Keep your glasses clean by wiping them regularly with microfiber glasses cleaner, multiple times per day.

2. Wear Your Glasses the Whole Time…

It will be tempting to take off your glasses throughout the day. Allowing yourself to remove your glasses periodically can lead you to develop poor habits that could continue for a long time. Keep your glasses on your face, unless there’s a good reason to remove them.

3. …But Know When to Take a Break

You may start to get a headache as your eyes adjust to your new lenses. One of the reasons this could be happening might have to do with a straining of the eyes against the new lenses, or you could be experiencing this problem because the weight of the glasses themselves.

This is an especially common problem people experience with plastic glasses, which tend to weigh more than wire-frame glasses. Know when to take a break and remove the glasses from your face.

4. Avoid Straining Your Eyes on Long Car Trips

Avoid driving your car on a long trip during that two or three-day period of adjustment. If you get a headache or get drowsy due to the strain of looking through new glasses, you could find yourself unable to drive home.

5. Put Your Glasses on First Thing Every Day

Put on your glasses first thing every morning when you wake up. This will help you get into the habit of wearing your glasses and may prevent you from forgetting to put them on at all.

Get Your First Pair of Eyeglasses with Riverdale Vision Care

It’s important to find the right pair of glasses for your first pair. Contact Riverdale Vision Care to find your first set of glasses.


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