4 Tips to Help Your Child Stop Losing Their Glasses

Many kids have a hard time keeping track of their glasses, but as a parent, there are many things you can do to help your child stop losing their glasses. By helping your child develop good habits with their glasses, you can avoid problems that can lead to a lost or broken pair. Below are some suggestions that we give to parents of young children who are learning to take care of their glasses.

1. Let Them Pick the Specs

Your child will be more invested in their glasses if they’re allowed to pick the pair. Don’t worry if the color isn’t your favorite, or if the shape of the glasses isn’t quite what you would choose. It’s better to get buy-in from your child! If you’re worried that your child will pick a pair of glasses you don’t quite like, narrow their choices to some you find acceptable and let them pick from there.

2. Encourage Them to Use a Case

Youth glasses can be easy to lose because they’re small. Glasses cases, on the other hand, are more likely to stand out in a room. Buy your child a glasses case that is as brightly colored as possible – and preferably glow in the dark! Encourage your child to use that case whenever their classes are off their face.

3. Put the Glasses on a Chain

If your child likes to take their glasses off for certain activities, put the glasses on a chain so they can be hung around your child’s neck. This way, they won’t be putting the glasses down where they might get lost.

4. Pick a Spot Where the Glasses “Live”

Have your child pick one spot, maybe in their room or in their bathroom, where they will always put their glasses down when they’ve been removed from their face. This way, your child will always know where to find their glasses when they’re looking for them.

Does Your Child Need Glasses? Start With An Appointment At Riverdale Vision Care

Before your child can get their first pair of glasses, they’ve got to start with an eye appointment and examination. Contact Riverdale Vision Care to make an appointment for a pediatric eye exam today.

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