What Happens During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

A pediatric eye exam is undoubtedly an important step for parents who want to assess the overall health of their child. The first eye exam should ideally be between the ages of 6 to 12 months and then at least once again before the age of five. Of course, you’ll likely want to get in the habit of taking them year after year so they can keep that habit well into the future. We’ll look at what happens during these exams so you and your child are prepared.

Infant Eye Exams

When your child has their first eye exam, it’s likely they can barely hold their head up on their own. During this one, the doctor will first assess the child’s medical history. This includes the family’s history, so any information you can supply of family eye problems or developmental issues will be helpful for the doctor to piece together your child’s odds of visual impairments. From there, they’ll look at your child’s eye alignment and examine if there are any signs of disease or injury.

Pediatric Eye Exams

A pediatric eye exam will look similar to an adult eye exam in that it will include acuity charts, tracking tests, and letter recognition. If you’re concerned about your child’s reaction to a pediatric eye exam in Riverdale, NJ, it helps to work with an optometrist who has experience with children. It’s not always easy to sit in a chair with a stranger and answer question after question. Optometrists may not be nearly as feared as dentists, but that doesn’t mean children can’t have poor experiences with them.

Children’s Eye Doctors in Riverdale

If you’re looking for a children’s eye doctor in Riverdale, NJ, Riverdale Vision Care has a staff that can answer your questions about what to expect when you make an appointment. Whether your child is sensitive to bright lights or fearful of strangers, there are too many consequences of delaying an eye exam. As your child’s eyes develop, an optometrist will be able to assess the progression and potentially intervene in the case of abnormalities. Contact us today to learn more about how pediatric eye exams can catch vision problems early so your child has the best chance of success.

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