Top Questions to ask your Optometrist

When you’re visiting your optometrist in Riverdale, it’s a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Whether your questions pertain to your own eye health or eye care in general, your optometrist will be more than happy to answer your questions. Here are some of the top questions you might want to ask.

1. Are My Eyes Aging as They Should Be?

Eyes age along with the rest of the body. As you age, you may notice certain changes in your eyesight that you can discuss with your optometrist. But one of the things you might like to talk about is whether your eyes are aging as they should be considering your actual age. It will be comforting to know if things are progressing as they should be. If not, this is an excellent chance to have an open discussion about what you can do to improve your eye health.

2. Are Drugstore Readers Safe to Use?

Drugstore readers are those inexpensive eyeglasses that you see hanging on cardboard displays. Essentially, they’re just magnifying lenses set into eyeglass frames, but many people feel they are very convenient to use. If you require readers to see up close and you’re tempted to buy drugstore readers, it’s best to talk to your optometrist first. There’s a chance that those readers may do more harm than good, or your optometrist may tell you they’re fine to use in your case. Either way, get the professional’s opinion first.

3. Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser surgery could enable you to forego wearing glasses or contact lenses. This treatment option has been around for long enough to prove its safety and efficacy. However, your eyes need to be in a reasonably good healthy in order for optimal results. If you’re tempted to undergo this procedure, speak to your optometrist in Riverdale, who is familiar with your eye history and condition.
These top three questions are all things that your optometrist will be happy to discuss with you on your next visit. To make your appointment today, please email or call us.

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