The Invisible Threat: Dust Mites and Eye Irritation

Many people are alarmed to hear that they have an overabundance of dust mites in their lashes or around their eyelids during a comprehensive eye exam in Riverdale, NJ. However, these harmless organisms are normal and usually do not cause issues—almost everyone has them! Nevertheless, getting more familiar with these microscopic organisms and how they can affect your visual health is a good idea.

Eyes Itching? Could Dust Mites Be the Culprit?

Dust mites (Demodex) are microscopic insects found in household dust, and they can inadvertently contribute to eye irritation. Normally, a few of the insects can be found on the lases and even in your eyebrows. However, when there is abundance or overpopulation, this can be to blame for issues with eye itching. Repetitive touching and scratching can sometimes lead to higher risks of infections.

Exploring the Link Between Dust Mites and Red, Watery Eyes

So, why do dust mites irritate your eyes? When airborne, their tiny fecal particles and shed skin fragments can come in contact with eyes, and this can cause an allergic reaction. But these small bugs can also live on the lashes, which can also cause your eyes to feel itchy and irritated.

Tips for Minimizing Dust Mite-Related Eye Discomfort

If you suspect that issues with Demodex are causing irritated eyes, be sure to talk to the eye doctor about solutions. Medicated wipes can be used to reduce the population and hopefully deter symptoms. You can also make some adjustments to your environment and routine to keep the population minimized, such as:

  • Changing bedding frequently
  • Laundering pillows regularly
  • Washing your eyes a few times a day
  • Discarding old makeup and makeup applicators that you use on your eyes
  • Vacuuming and using air filters to reduce dust in your household

Talk to a Riverdale Optometrist for Advice

As alarming as dust mites may sound, they are not an issue that should cause significant concern. However, if you have symptoms of excessive issues, be sure to talk to a Riverdale eye doctor for advice. Reach out to the team at Riverdale Vision Care to schedule an appointment.

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