Protecting Your Eyes Over the Summer Holidays

As the biggest holiday of summer vacation rolls around, you want to be ready. Drinks are on ice, and your favorite bathing suit is looking good, and… you have the latest safety gear for your eyes? Does that sound about right? If your eyes are the last thing on your mind for this Fourth of July, don’t worry. We have you covered with advice on how to protect your eyes this sizzling summer season.

Daytime Fun in the Sun

If you get lucky enough to have sunny weather on this Fourth of July, hopefully, you will remember to wear your shades. The UV damage from sun rays can lead to sunburns of the cornea and even advanced aging and vision loss. Make sure to wear sunglasses that block UV rays by 100 percent.

Fireworks by Nightfall

The grand finale of this explosive summer event is a round or two of fireworks. To protect your eyes against the fallback of these explosives, always stay at least 500 feet away. If you are using fireworks, such as sparklers or other simple explosives, among children, make sure they are wearing safety goggles to protect their eyes.

Swimming and Summer Safety

Saltwater, chlorine, or river water…wherever you manage to cool off this Fourth of July, make sure you are wearing eyewear. Swimming goggles fitted with prescription lenses are ideal if you need to have vision correction in order to see clearly. Basic goggles protect the eye against swimming bacteria or other such creatures. You won’t be left with red itchy eyes at the end of a fun-filled swimming day on the Fourth.

Contact Riverdale Vision Care

The best way to protect your eyes this Fourth of July is to come in for a comprehensive eye and vision exam. Here at Riverdale Vision Care, we provide eye health care for your entire family. Whether you need someone for pediatric eye exams or to diagnose macular degeneration, we have you covered. Please contact our office at 973-248-0600 to schedule an appointment for eye care in Riverdale, New Jersey.

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