How To Protect Your Vision From UV Rays

Ultraviolet light consists of a harmful spectrum of light that can do damage to your eyes. UV light is emitted from the sun, but can also be emitted from certain man-made devices like welder’s torches, too. One of the most important ways to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light is sunglasses.

If your eyes are particularly susceptible to ultraviolet light, then wearing one hundred percent ultraviolet blocking sunglasses will protect your vision fully during the day. Normal sunglasses may provide some protection from glare, but under most circumstances won’t fully protect your vision. You can also purchase reading glasses with special lenses that will also block ultraviolet light.

Avoid Being In The Sun For Long Periods Of Time

Although the sun is needed both for your health and well-being, being out in the sun for too long could make you susceptible to eye damage or melanomas due to exposure to UV rays. Avoid being out at times when the sun is highest, and if possible wear a wide-brimmed hat to shade your eyes. Choose periods of the day when the sun is at its weakest, such as sunrise and sunset, to enjoy a walk outdoors.

Protect Yourself From Devices That Emit Ultraviolet Light

There are some devices on the consumer market that deceptively advertise as ultraviolet free but are not. Devices such as germicidal lamps or welder’s torches emit light spectrums that cause eye damage. If possible, wear protective glasses and clothing to avoid most if not all of the UV exposure while operating these devices.

How to Recover from UV Eye Damage

Overexposure to UV rays cause inflammation in the eye and surrounding tissues. After damaging exposure to ultraviolet light, seek a dark environment with little light to maximize healing. Eat a diet rich in Vitamin A and Omega 3’s and consider a nap to give your body time to heal from the inflammation. Ultraviolet light will only be permanently damaging after overexposure over a period of months to years, so don’t fret if you have only been exposed once or twice.

To recap, always wear sunglasses when outdoors for long periods of time, and if possible seek shade. Looking down when in direct sunlight and even squinting can help minimize UV exposure. And avoid looking into the sun and wear a wide-brimmed hat if possible.


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