Eye Health for College Students

College bound students often have so much on their minds that they don’t put a great deal of thought into taking the best possible care of their eyes. However, good vision is one of the best learning tools college students can have. Following are just four of the many things that those headed for college in the near future can do to ensure optimal eye health and good vision.

Wear Eye Protection for Sporting Activities

Eye injuries are a leading cause of vision problems for college students, particularly if they’re active in sports or outdoor activities. Whether you’re riding your bike across campus, hiking on nearby trails, playing casual sporting games with friends, or playing sports on an official college team, always wear eye protection that’s appropriate for the activity.

Don’t Share Makeup With Friends or Roommates

College students tend to live in pretty close quarters, and this makes it tempting to borrow a roommate or friend’s makeup items in a pinch. However, this often results in eye infections, so only use your own cosmetics. As an added protection, keep your personal eye makeup stored where it isn’t easily accessible to others.

College student with glasses studying

Keep Contact Lenses Clean

Busy schedules and late nights studying and socializing sometimes leads to students neglecting contact lens care, but this is another good way to ensure an eye infection. No matter how tired you are, always take them and put them in their cleaning solution. Always wash your hands before handling them, and never sleep in your contacts.

Beware of the Digital Danger

Eyestrain has always plagued college students, but the screens of the digital age may be harder on the eyes than the study materials of the past. Those using digital media blink far less than those using its traditional counterparts, and the glare on screens can cause considerable eye strain. Taking frequent breaks and alternating digital media with printed material, if possible, helps circumvent this.

Scheduling eye exams on a regular basis is also an essential part of maintaining optimal ocular health no matter what stage of life you’re in. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or if you have questions about keeping your eyes as healthy as possible during your college years.

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