Are Over The Counter Readers Bad For Eyes?

If you require the use of reading glasses to see for short distances, you are probably aware of over-the-counter readers. These readers are available without a prescription from drugstores, supermarkets and even dollar stores. They come in a range of mild prescriptions, and you can simply pick them off the rack, try them on and buy them. This makes them very appealing for folks who feel they are too busy to go to the eye doctor in Riverdale, NJ to get prescription eyewear. They are also appealing because over-the-counter readers come in a wide range of color and styles for men and women, and are highly affordable. However, are over-the-counter readers bad for the eyes?

Users May Avoid the Eye Doctor

A huge drawback to over-the-counter readers is that they are a little too easy to access. In fact, using over-the-counter readers may inadvertently make user avoid seeing the eye doctor. If adequate reading vision can be achieved by buying a cheap pair of readers, then why would a person want to go to the trouble of making an eye doctor appointment?

The inherent danger is that most people who need readers are older people. This demographic is more prone to vision problems than younger generations. Serious problems like glaucoma need to be detected and diagnosed as soon as possible in order to prevent total blindness. If an older person skips regular eye doctor appointments in favor of relying on over-the-counter readers, it’s much more likely that any eye conditions will go undetected until they cause serious damage.

Readers Can Improve Quality of Life

Now, if an older person is on a low, fixed income, those cheap over-the-counter readers can help to improve quality of life. For as little as a dollar, a person could wear readers and be able to pursue favorite hobbies like reading, doing puzzles, sewing and more. Those things are important to everyone, but especially retired persons.

The best scenario is monitored use of over-the-counter readers. This simply means that, if you choose to wear cheap readers, you should still have regular visits with your eye doctor in Riverdale, NJ. Bring in your over-the-counter readers for examination to make sure they are okay for you to use. This way, you and your eye doctor can help to make sure your vision is protected.

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