3 Things Your Optometrist Can Tell You About Your Health During an Eye Exam  

The main goal of an eye exam is always to reveal the inner workings of your eye. Whether you need corrective eyewear or not, regular exams help catch eye problems when they’re most treatable. However, there are other reasons why you should visit an eye doctor in Riverdale, NJ, and they have nothing to do with your contact lenses.

1. Blood Pressure Health

Bleeding eyes may sound exceptionally scary, but most eye bleeds are actually harmless. There are cases, though, where high blood pressure can cause the arteries within the retina to stiffen, which can end up pressing against a blood vessel until it bursts. During an eye exam in Riverdale, NJ, your doctor can clarify the type of bleed you have and whether it requires additional attention.

2. Heart Health

As with high blood pressure, clogged arteries can present in a number of ways. If the plaque in the carotid artery breaks off, it will travel to the eye and form a deposit there. (The carotid artery doesn’t supply all of the blood to the brain, but it supplies most of it.) Plaque can travel within the body, and not always with notable consequences. If it reaches the brain, though, it can cause a stroke.

3. Insulin Health

Underlying diabetes refers to people who have diabetes but haven’t had it officially diagnosed yet. Retinal imaging devices help doctors find what other doctors may have missed. This disorder, which is often associated with the risks of going blind, is best managed when it’s caught at the beginning. The earlier your eye doctor can see the retinal damage, the better your odds are of remaining healthy over the longer course of treatment.

Eye Exams in Riverdale, NJ

At Riverdale Vision Care, our staff is here to treat the whole person, not just their eyes. Whether you’re concerned about double vision or you’re just due for a regular checkup, we want to be a part of how you care for this vital organ. If you want to learn more about eye exams as a way to catch larger health problems before they have the chance to spiral out of control, schedule us today.


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