3 Signs Your Child Might Have Strabismus

Strabismus occurs as the muscles around each eye fail to move together and focus on an object in the exact same way. Instead, the stronger eye may look at the target while the other goes in a different direction. If not detected and treated in the early stages, this condition can worsen and result in amblyopia, or lazy eye. Fortunately, you can watch for the following signs, and them schedule a visit to your trusted Riverdale vision center to get your child the care they need.

Focus Difficulties

Although not always noticeable, double vision may occur in the earliest stages of strabismus development. When that happens, you may spot your child having trouble focusing their eyes. They may get really close to the object before recognizing it or even seem to have poor depth perception as they move around.

Sideways Gaze

In order to compensate for their focus issues, many children will cock their head to the side while looking at a particular object. The sideways gaze may allow them to better focus their stronger eye and ignore the signals from the weaker one. If you look into your child’s eyes while they’re doing that, you will likely notice that their eyes do not fully aim in the same direction.

Frequent Headaches

The inability to see clearly can cause pounding headaches that occur on a daily basis. Before the headaches start up, your child may complain of tired, burning, or otherwise painful eyes, especially during periods of heavy focus. They may also feel generally worn out from all the extra effort it takes to focus their vision. Your child may nap more frequently as a result or even refuse to eat if the headaches leave them feeling a bit nauseated.

If you suspect your child has strabismus, it’s important to call 973-248-0060 to schedule a pediatric eye exam in Riverdale. Even without any these symptoms, your child can benefit from regular eye exams starting in infancy and continuing on the schedule created by their eye doctor. So, please feel free to call anytime to find a good time to come down and have your child’s eye health checked out.

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