3 Rules to Follow with Eye Makeup to Protect Your Eyes

From mascara and eyeliner to false eyelashes and eyeshadow, all the ways we make our eyes pop are a lot of fun to experiment with. Unfortunately, using the wrong techniques and products could mean everything from dry eye problems in Riverdale, NJ to problems with eye irritation, infections, and more. Take a look at some simple rules to follow with your eye makeup to ensure you don’t put your visual health at risk.

1. Only buy products from reputable brands

When you buy eye makeup, opt for products from brands that have a reputable reputation. Don’t go through third-party sellers with what appears to be name-brand makeup for really low prices. In recent years, several counterfeit makeup products have been found to contain everything from carcinogens to arsenic and lead. You definitely don’t want these agents hanging out around your eyes.

2. Watch out for irritating ingredients

While makeup that does come from reputable producers must contain ingredients that are safe to use, you do still have to be mindful of irritants that may be specific to you. For example, some people find that their eyes are more sensitive to eyeliner that is waterproof. This may lead to issues with dry eyes, chalazion, and other problems.

3. Always wash off your makeup before going to sleep

Even though this is a tip that most people know, a lot of people do neglect to properly clean off their eye makeup before going to bed. When you are asleep, you may rub your eyes with your hands or get makeup in your eyes. Plus, cleaning off the products before bed gives your eyes a break from any irritants that may be in the cosmetics you use. Use warm, soapy water or an eye-safe makeup cleanser to remove all of the makeup from your eyes and eyelashes before bed.

Talk to a Riverdale, NJ Eye Doctor About Vision Protection

Whether you have experienced an issue with eye makeup you use on a regular basis or you just need advice about what products are safe to use, a Riverdale, NJ eye doctor can help. Reach out to us at the Riverdale Vision Center to schedule an appointment and keep your visual health in check.

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